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The Lighthouse Consultancy’s dedicated team has been planning, supporting and leading cruises across the vast Indonesian archipelago for over a decade. The country’s 17,000+ islands offer visiting yachts incredible scenic and cultural adventures, over a cruising area similar to the size of mainland USA. With two main cruising grounds, Komodo National Park and the Raja Ampat islands, and four or five other, smaller cruising grounds, multiple cruises or multiple visits are almost a necessity to really experience all Indonesia has to offer. As well as being some of the most intriguing and virgin cruising to be found anywhere in the world, Indonesia is a year round cruising destination which supports extended cruises.

The Lighthouse Consultancy leads yacht captains and management through the document process, itinerary planning, guides the cruises and also coordinates the logistics and provisioning of vessels throughout the archipelago including organizing private jet and helicopter services. Although the requirements for a smooth and trouble free cruise in Indonesia can seem complicated, Lighthouse offers clear and precise advice in order to simplify the experience, essentially providing 360° support to visiting superyachts.

The Lighthouse Consultancy has an extensive network of local and international partners in place to offer a multitude of services across the remote regions of Indonesia; superyacht support Indonesia-wide, from Sumatra to Papua and everywhere in between. The experience of the Lighthouse team will help ensure that the focus of the captain and crew on any visiting yacht is not on the logistical challenges, but rather on the guest experience and their enjoyment of the wonders of the country. With the right superyacht agent Indonesia can be a paradise to be explored and enjoyed long into the future.


  • Name of port: The best infrastructure is at the port of Benoa in Bali. However, Lighthouse has an extensive network of support offices in close proximity to Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, Mentawai islands and the Banda Sea cruising grounds providing 360° support throughout Indonesia.


  • Other company services: Vessel declaration and cruising permits, international and domestic clearances, port services, itinerary planning, dive guides, cruising guides, cultural lecturers, provisioning services, helicopter and jet charter, visa assistance, support vessels, medical assistance, berthing, bunkering services, domestic flight and concierge services, florist, masseuse and personal trainers.

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The Lighthouse Consultancy

PT Konsultan Menara Api
Jl. By Pass Sanur No. 149
Komplek Pertokoan Niaga 5-6
Sanur 80223, Bali, Indonesia
+62 (0) 361 289 587


Andy Shorten
+62 (0) 81 338 732 764

Skype: andy.shorten

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