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Bow of a Superyacht showing anchor lines

The Association of Yacht Support Services

The Association of Yacht Support Services has been assisting the captains and crew of the global Superyacht fleet since 1991. The Association is compiled of reputable, like-minded shore support companies with high level ethics and shared professional values.

With regulations and protocols varying wildly across the oceans, a reputable and experienced shore support provider is integral to facilitating a smooth experience for any visiting superyacht.

AYSS member offices are spread throughout the world’s cruising grounds, and the combined knowledge and experience of the Association's members ensures that each and every AYSS port visited offers an enjoyable experience, becoming a port to return to, again and again.

Member benefits

Becoming a member of AYSS provides yacht agents with an advantage over unregulated yacht agents. Due to strict membership requirements, membership is a badge of honour recognized throughout the industry, giving captains, owners and yacht management confidence in selecting AYSS members as their support providers.


As an association AYSS strives to evolve and grow a global community of like-minded, professional yacht support.

Please get in touch to find out more about joining of the global network.

Worldwide Superyacht Support Network

The Association of Yacht Support Services is the only worldwide Superyacht Shore Support network, with reputable agents in ports around the world, including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Europe, North and South America, Pacific, throughout Asia and everywhere in between. With 61 members in 45 countries, the extensive experience in each region will ensure yachts receive premium shore support for every vessel, crew and owner.


Please visit the AYSS Handbook page to download a personal copy.

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