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Vanuatu is an island nation in the SW Pacific composed of over 80 islands with 2,528 kilometers of coastline and a total surface area of 12,189 square kilometers. Vanuatu lies a mere 600NM to the West of Fiji and 1000NM east of the Australian East Coast making it a great stopover point for yachts heading across the Pacific or for those on a SW Pacific circuit.

Due to the many islands, most of which are sparsely populated, Vanuatu has an abundance of safe, beautiful and unspoiled anchorages and bays, with some spectacular scenery. Each island, bay and village along the way brings a new and totally unique experience to the visitor.

Established in 2010, Our team are a blend of local Ni-Vanuatu and long-term expatriates who share a passion for the sea, our beautiful islands and of course yachting. Kevin Nixon and Sandy – all Vanuatu born and bred – are our specialist cultural guides, with expert local knowledge of the best cruising spots. Seal Superyachts Vanuatu also specializes in dive guiding throughout the archipelago. This service is handled directly by Justin and Brad both with extensive dive guiding experience on superyachts, in Vanuatu. Ingrid, our provisioning consultant, has been supporting visiting yachts since 1995 along with husband Gary, a Lloyds certified boat builder and marine surveyor who heads up our technical team.

Principal Agent Claire and Managing Director Justin Jenkin both come from a superyacht background and settled in Vanuatu to offer shore support for yachts and superyachts – the perfect team for your cruising visit to our island home.

Our strategic partnerships with other businesses and key individuals throughout Vanuatu ensure all our customers 100% trouble free cruising and the absolute best experiences available in the country. We have the insider experience needed to truly open the doors to the best that Vanuatu has to offer.

Contact Seal Superyachts Vanuatu for detailed information about cruising in Vanuatu, superyacht charter regulations and about how we can support your upcoming visit to our beautiful country.

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Seal Superyachts Vanuatu

Half Road Pango, Lower Ellouk

Port Vila, Vanuatu


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