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Venezuela is one of the most bio diverse countries on the planet. In addition to some of the most spectacular and secluded pristine islands to be found anywhere in the Caribbean, onshore destinations include the Orinoco Delta, Angel Falls, Gran Sabana and Los Llanos. Jungles bursting with wildlife and indigenous peoples with unique value systems.


Jakera Exclusive will help you plan your cruise itinerary to offer an exclusive clearance service – at various locations. Provisioning and bunkering options, private anchorages, onshore trips for your guests and crew including aviation services and security can be arranged as required. Our experienced team look forward to catering to all your requirements during your stay.

We have had the privilege of catering to some of the world’s most prestigious superyachts and their owners and crew over the years and look forward to your visit. This is definitely still the Caribbean’s best kept secret!


  • Name of port: El Gran Roque, Los Roques. For full Information of all ports serviced by Jakera visit

  • Port coordinates: 10°12’25.89”N 64°39’45.79”W

  • VHF: Yacht communication channel 72 & 16


  • Places of interest: Offshore – Los Testigoes, Isla Blanquia, Isla Tortuga, Los Roques (good for clearance) and Los Aves. Onshore – Orinoco Delta, Canaima/Angel Falls and Los Llanos.

  • Airport details / distances: Barcelona (BLA) National & International / Caracas National and International (CCS).

  • Other company services: In addition to servicing superyachts, Jakera are a full-service adventure travel outfitter. We run expeditions and trips across Venezuela to suit all budgets – from high end aviation services to a more organic approach using natural power such as kayaks. We have supported various TV productions including in 2012 ‘Venezuela – Out of the Wild’ for Discovery TV.

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Mochima National Park


Venezuela: +58 414 809 2532
International: +506 8854 7086


Chris Patterson
+506 8854 7086

Local contact:
Hoanna Gonzales
+58 414 809 2532

Click here to download our guide containing more information about Jakera Exclusive.

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