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Jakera Exclusive offers a full range of services and solutions for Superyachts wishing to explore Venezuela’s offshore islands, her awe-inspiring interior, and beyond. 
We will help you develop your cruise itinerary and provide exclusive discreet clearance services from a variety of locations. Provisioning, private anchorages, aviation services, elaborate expeditions and events can all be arranged as required. Our experienced team looks forward to catering to all of your needs during your stay.
Everything is possible!


We have solutions for Venezuela:

  • Cruise Itinerary Planning

  • Yacht Clearances/Formalities

  • Technical Services and Support

  • Cruising, Customs and Immigration Procedures Travel and Transportation Solutions

  • Expedition Planning

  • Fly Fishing / Birding / Kite Surf / Scuba Diving Hotel and Restaurant Reservations

  • Helicopter and Jet Rental

  • Bullet Proof Vehicles and Security

  • Fresh Provisions/Supplies

  • Courier Service

  • Freight Handling

  • Banking Transactions

  • VIP Concierge Services throughout.

  • On-board and On-Shore Entertainment Solutions Elaborate Parties

  • Imposible is nothing


  • Name of port: El Gran Roque, Los Roques. For full Information of all ports serviced by Jakera visit

  • Port coordinates: 10°12’25.89”N 64°39’45.79”W

  • VHF: Yacht communication channel 72 & 16


  • Places of interest: Offshore – Los Testigoes, Isla Blanquia, Isla Tortuga, Los Roques (good for clearance) and Los Aves. Onshore – Orinoco Delta, Canaima/Angel Falls and Los Llanos.

  • Airport details / distances: Barcelona (BLA) National & International / Caracas National and International (CCS).

  • Other company services: In addition to servicing superyachts, Jakera are a full-service adventure travel outfitter. We run expeditions and trips across Venezuela to suit all budgets – from high end aviation services to a more organic approach using natural power such as kayaks. We have supported various TV productions including in 2012 ‘Venezuela – Out of the Wild’ for Discovery TV.

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Jakera Exclusive

Archipielago Los Roques 


Local: +57 316 852 9048
International: +506 8854 7086


Chris Patterson
+506 8854 7086

Local contact:
Hoanna Gonzalez
+57 316 852 9048

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

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