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Cuba Luxury Expeditions specializes in superyacht travel to Cuba, creating bespoke sea and land experiences to share the essence of Cuba with our visitors and offer them a meaningful and unforgettable adventure. We have a unique concierge approach to our services that ensures a seamless visit to a relatively undiscovered destination. Our highly experienced team based in Cuba and the US, assists captains, owners and charter guests in planning every step of their adventure, from crafting a personalized navigation plan and land itinerary, to cruising permits, arranging all marine and land experiences, and providing full yacht agent and silver concierge service during the length of their stay.


Cuba Luxury Expeditions enjoys a special relationship with this mysterious yet welcoming country, that extends beyond the sea. We are tuned in to the culture and history of Cuba, having personal contact with the country's top international recording artists, traditional musicians, world-renowned fine artists, architectural historians, and the vibrant and blossoming farm-to-table culinary scene. We plan experiences far beyond traditional tourist activities, offering an intimate and personal approach to luxury travel. We also enjoy special access to VIP experiences that few can offer.


We are a privately owned company, founded by three superyacht and maritime industry professionals with decades of experience. Our mission is to share the spectacular sites, history, culture, marine protected areas and breathtaking nature with our guests, showing them one of the most attractive and diverse, yet unknown destinations in the Caribbean.  And we cannot forget the Cuban people with their charm, talent, beauty, cultural diversity and warm, welcoming embrace. We support the private entrepreneur in Cuba and employ independent Cuban talent and services to foster sustainability in a challenging economy.


VHF: Yacht communication Channel 16


We operate and provide services in the following harbors and marinas in Cuba:

Ports of Entry:

Marina Hemingway                              23.084842 N, 82.504972 W

Port of Havana                                       23.139650 N, 82.343189 W

Cienfuegos                                              22.126409 N, 80.452720 W

Cayo Largo del Sur                                21.621922 N, 81.564740 W

Marina Los Morros                                 21.901861 N, 84.907080 W

Puerto de Vita                                        21.077906 N, 75.954368 W

Santiago de Cuba                                  19.968653 N, 75.872773 W

Varadero                                                   23.174259 N, 81.110014 W

Other Ports and Marinas:                           

Casilda (Trinidad)                                   21.751974 N, 79.992263 W

Isla de la Juventud                                21.618420 N, 82.988807 W

Maria La Gorda                                       21.819240 N, 84.546372 W


Airport details: Havana Jose Marti International Airport

Other company services: VIP arrival



  • Custom itineraries

  • Clearance & entry

  • Charts, navigation plans & cruising permits

  • Marina & berthing arrangements

  • Helicopter and private flight arrangements

  • Domestic flights

  • Guest and crew visas

  • OFAC affidavits for US citizens

  • Luxury accommodations

  • Luxury transportation

  • Bunkering

  • Local provisioning & international provisioning support

  • Local flowers

  • Planning & execution of land excursions & experiences

  • Professional guides & experts for land & marine experiences

  • Marine science & anthropology

  • 24/7 trip management in Cuba

  • Crew changes

  • Doctor appointments and medical treatment emergencies

  • Sim cards and data for mobile phones

  • Concierge & VIP services

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Cuba Luxury Expeditions

Cuba Office

Marina Hemingway

Calle 248 y 5a Avenida, Santa Fe

La Habana, Cuba


Cuba Phone   +53 55159977

USA Phone     +1 786 400-3416  (WhatsApp)

                           +1 954 999-2522 (WhatsApp)


AYSS Member since 2022





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